With love to me

I’d like to refer this post to St. Valentines Day.

It is hard not to be irritated while all the Internet is about pics of love and romantic posts. Actually it is irritating when you’re alone and such thoughts as “there is smth wrong with you; all people around are happy together with someone and even have children, and you are walking around all alone; and no one needs you” especially crashing in the head.

And in the period of unemployment, so without any money, and rare talk to friends these thoughts are especially dreadful.

But then I thought that this was the day when everyone had to spend it with someone he/she loves so why wouldn’t it be me? Cause if I don’t love myself then no one can love me. So I decided to have a walk with me, sun, wind in the forest in this almost spring time. I guess it was the right decision as when I left home I was totally out of mood, it was equal to zero and till the time I came back I was full of energy.

Then I’ve spent 3 hours in Skype talking with my friend from Latin America, both practicing language and spending a great time as he, at the opposite side of the Earth from me, is motivating me incredibly to make something, to act and to continue my way I stand now. Nothing motivates better than the friend who says: “I believe in you, I believe that everything will be alright. Cause if you really want something  so it will happen. Just stand the ground and  don’t dive up. In this world win the strongest”.

So how could I fell asleep pessimistic?)



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