Moving on

Did you know that mobile operators can be cute? In fact I didn’t until yesterday when I got sms with just a few words: “We wish you a good gay”. And that’s it. No span, no advertising, just some kind words. I don’t know how it could be but that is really lovely.

And it seems that my operator wanted to cheer me up as it wasn’t a perfect day. The guy who firstly wanted to work with me just disappeared and even didn’t connect via facebook for 2 days where we had all our communication, but he had checked emails in our common mail and even did something. So it was really unpleasant cheating me in such way.

Also it was a day when our small group of Spanish learning students was about loosing a very good person, very optimistic and really nice girl cos she is moving to another country for a work for 2 years. We all are close as we have been together for more than 1 year and it was really sad saying goodbye to her.

So any words even from strangers and robots can give us an energy to move ahead in our own way.


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