Moving on

Did you know that mobile operators can be cute? In fact I didn’t until yesterday when I got sms with just a few words: “We wish you a good gay”. And that’s it. No span, no advertising, just some kind words. I don’t know how it could be but that is really lovely.

And it seems that my operator wanted to cheer me up as it wasn’t a perfect day. The guy who firstly wanted to work with me just disappeared and even didn’t connect via facebook for 2 days where we had all our communication, but he had checked emails in our common mail and even did something. So it was really unpleasant cheating me in such way.

Also it was a day when our small group of Spanish learning students was about loosing a very good person, very optimistic and really nice girl cos she is moving to another country for a work for 2 years. We all are close as we have been together for more than 1 year and it was really sad saying goodbye to her.

So any words even from strangers and robots can give us an energy to move ahead in our own way.


With love to me

I’d like to refer this post to St. Valentines Day.

It is hard not to be irritated while all the Internet is about pics of love and romantic posts. Actually it is irritating when you’re alone and such thoughts as “there is smth wrong with you; all people around are happy together with someone and even have children, and you are walking around all alone; and no one needs you” especially crashing in the head.

And in the period of unemployment, so without any money, and rare talk to friends these thoughts are especially dreadful.

But then I thought that this was the day when everyone had to spend it with someone he/she loves so why wouldn’t it be me? Cause if I don’t love myself then no one can love me. So I decided to have a walk with me, sun, wind in the forest in this almost spring time. I guess it was the right decision as when I left home I was totally out of mood, it was equal to zero and till the time I came back I was full of energy.

Then I’ve spent 3 hours in Skype talking with my friend from Latin America, both practicing language and spending a great time as he, at the opposite side of the Earth from me, is motivating me incredibly to make something, to act and to continue my way I stand now. Nothing motivates better than the friend who says: “I believe in you, I believe that everything will be alright. Cause if you really want something  so it will happen. Just stand the ground and  don’t dive up. In this world win the strongest”.

So how could I fell asleep pessimistic?)


Starting a life

Every day I think that I’m wasting my time and I that I have to do something but still I can’t do anything to prevent me from procrastination. Every day I get up with the same thoughts – “Why didn’t I do it yesterday?” Well, maybe because I spent lots of time on dreaming and on sitting in Facebook rather than do what I needed to do.

That is why I decided to search some information about time management. And you know what? All the information I found there has already been in my head. It’s just a guide how to do it and the main point of this guide is discipline. It doesn’t mean that I again wasted my time on searching about nothing, no, it still was cool as I dedicated my time to it, it means that I have recognized my problem and I want to solve it. So the main point is about discipline and motivation, nothing difficult. So first it is necessary to settle a clear picture in your head of what you want to achieve in a day/week/month/etc. and then just go ahead without any excuses. If at any point we are looking for excuse of what we haven’t done so it means that the goal wasn’t so desired and we want to stay at the same point without any growth. If the idea of staying the same point of degradation is ok, well, then in this case I’ll be silent.

So, by starting writing this blog from now I have an obligation for myself to move ahead and bring a mess in my head to an order.

“Nobody ever wrote down a plan to be broke, fat, lazy, or stupid. Those things are what happen when you don’t have a plan.”– Larry Winget

“However difficult life may seem, there is always something you can do and succeed at.” – Stephen Hawking

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start from now and make a brand new ending.” – Carl Bard